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Lynns Embroidery & Design

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A Proud Canadian Company

biker patches and accessories

biker patches accessories spyder apparel


Shipping costs are only an estimate and will be adjusted when order is received.

As the owner of Lynns Embroidery.  I am always looking for something new...something exciting that will stir the soul.  I found that in the ride...along country roads.... along the cool blue lake....You just can't beat it.
I take the time to smell the flowers....
When not riding I  am working to bring you the best products I can find. A lot of our products are hands on home made with particular care to detail.  I like to think of each item as mine...something I would be proud to wear or display....If I don't like it ...I won't offer it.
Yes...that is me in the picture... enjoying what life has to offer...hope you are doing the same

We Will :    Digitize your Logo or Image at reasonable Prices

We Can :     Imprint an Image of your choice  or Pick one of ours

We  Help:   Create  Company or group Logo's 

We  Have:   Biker Bling and patches - most popular sayings   
We Create :  Biker Logos and patches exclusive to your group

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Please take note that we do not keep all items in stock ,as they come in many different sizes and colors.  Items are made when ordered, therefore, it will take extra time to receive you order....please be patient... we do strive to have orders processed within 7 business days..but depending on the order it may take a bit longer....thanks for your understanding.

_Our Guarantee:
At Lynns... when you order a personalized patch,  flag or any image design we will work with you down to the last will always have the final say before it is sewn out or printed.  Via email we show you what your design will look like so if you have any changes we can make them and then re-submit your design again for your approval.   When you have ok'd the design via email we will send you a final copy of your design with the dimensions, and final price (may include a minimal  mailing cost).  Once we have received your written go ahead we will work up your design.  Payment is due at this time, when we receive payment your order will be processed and mailed to the address that you have provided.  When you receive your product, if it isn't what you ordered,  just return it for a complete refund.

Images on this site are set in size, color and detail.  Any changes made to any images are subject to price adjustments.

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